Management training

While every management role varies, based on how a company or organisation wants to achieve these goals and how broad the scope of the role is, there are consistencies in the skills and knowledge required.

Columbia University

Sales Operations/Management

Получаемые навыки: Account Management, Accounting, Analysis, Budget Management, Business Psychology, Change Management, Compensation, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Forecasting, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Human Resources, Inside Sales, Leadership, Leadership and Management, Marketing, Organizational Development, Outside Sales, Probability & Statistics, Recruitment, Sales, Strategy, Strategy and Operations

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What Are Management Training Programs?

A management training program is a professional course offered by an institution or organization that enables participants to learn and develop the skills needed to work in a managerial position successfully.

Management training programs come in various formats, depending on students’ needs. Courses may be offered in a physical classroom, entirely online, or a mix of both. This allows for flexibility in a participant’s schedule and learning abilities.

Reflect on your current skill set—both your strengths and weaknesses—and career goals so you can identify what kind of program would fit your budget and schedule. Many companies offer tuition reimbursement, so check with your organization as you begin researching options.

Management Training vs. Leadership Training

Although there’s some overlap in the work they do, there are key differences between managers and leaders. Whereas managers fill a specific position at an organization, anyone—regardless of their title—can be a leader. According to former Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria in an interview for the online course Management Essentials, management is “working with other people to make sure the goals an organization has articulated are executed.” Leaders are more focused on empowering and influencing their colleagues.

Management training programs are designed specifically for professionals interested in managerial positions, while leadership training programs are suitable for early and mid-career professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs. When combined with a management training program, leadership training can also be immensely valuable for managers.

HBS Online offers both management and leadership training programs. Management Essentials is an eight-week program that equips you with the real-world strategies and tools needed to make decisions and direct organizational processes, and Leadership Principles is a six-week program designed to help new and aspiring leaders cultivate high-performing teams.

Management Courses

Looking for a career – and pay – rise with a move into management? Want to improve your current leadership skills, or step into senior management roles? Or maybe you’re running your own business and want to manage and motivate your staff more effectively and efficiently? Management courses can address all these needs and more.

You’re heading in the right direction

Bachelor of Applied Business (Management)

‘Australia’s #1 industry focused online degree. A game changer in management education.’ Study managerial communication, corporate structuring, project management and business model analysis. Lead high performing teams and utilise technology to identif.

Ducere Global Business School - Course

Torrens University Australia

Ducere Global Business School - Course

Torrens University Australia

Certificate IV in Business – Leadership BSB40120

This course is perfect for you if you are currently an office coordinator, supervisor or in a frontline role and want to step up into management. This nationally recognised certificate will build on your existing knowledge, giving you specialised skill.

Swinburne Open Education - Course

Swinburne Open Education - Course

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management BSB42015

Are you in a leadership or team-leader position and want to make your mark? The BSB40520 – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management is a qualification that can help level up your leadership skills, preparing you to deliver support and guidance.

Upskilled - Course

Upskilled - Course

Advanced Certificate in Management & Team Leadership

Show you’re management material. Get an Advanced Certificate in Management to prove your competency! While many managers are promoted because of their excellent personal performance, this change in the role requires the development of new skills to ach.

The Career Academy - Course

The Career Academy - Course

Business Management Certificate

Plan for success – we’ll show you how to run your small business! Learn how to develop a business plan and set up the right business structure. You’ll gain an understanding of financial reporting and taxation requirements, grasp the principles of marke.

The Career Academy - Course

The Career Academy - Course

Master of Management

The online Master of Management at UNSW. Rapid changes in technology and the emergence of new business models are disrupting many, if not all, industries. This disruption is having a profound impact on the way we work, and employers are placing greate.

University of New South Wales (Online) - Course

University of New South Wales (Online) - Course

Certificate IV in Business (Operations) BSB40120

Are you interested in building a career in business and already have an impressive skill set when carrying out administration or operational tasks? The BSB40120 – Certificate IV in Business (Operations) is a nationally-recognised qualification th.

Upskilled - Course

Upskilled - Course

Double Diploma of Logistics and Leadership & Management TLI50221, BSB50420

This Double Diploma course is designed for logistics professionals wanting to move into more senior management positions. This integrated course contains hand-picked units to give you the ultimate combination of both operational and strategic logistics.

Types of Management Courses

There is a wide selection of management courses you can enrol in, depending on whether you want an introduction to this role or the skill-set and knowledge to equip you to advance further. Management courses are offered in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Australia-wide. With options ranging from short courses for beginners through to diplomas and undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, it’s often hard to decide where to start.

For those interested in a management career with no prior background or training, a short course, certificate or diploma would all be suitable study options. If you’ve already acquired experience in management but want to further your career and expand your knowledge and skill-set, then an undergraduate or postgraduate degree would be better study alternatives.

Short Courses

So you’ve never been involved in management and would like to see if it’s the perfect role for you? Then a short course in management is perfect for you!. A short course gives you a broad overview of a manager’s role and can enable you to specialise in a particular area of management. Short courses will vary in the length of time these take to be completed but can generally be finalised within a matter of weeks to months, with many short courses online.


With certificates available that offer entry-level through to more advanced skills in management, this can be a great study option for those either starting in business or wanting to advance their background and knowledge after already working in the field. A Certificate IV in Leadership and Management can help you develop supervision and management skills in conjunction with operational, team building and leadership tasks.


A Diploma of Management requires no pre-requisite study and provides you with a comprehensive background and skill-set in staff, resource and project management. You can also study a double Diploma to get a more in-depth understanding and range of skills in related disciplines, such as a Diploma of Leadership and Diploma of Business.

Bachelor Degree

For those wanting a detailed and in-depth background and skill-set in all facets of management, an undergraduate qualification would be a smart study alternative. A Bachelor of Business Management requires three years of full-time study and provides students with access to an extensive range of careers in the management field. Those who have studied a Diploma may also qualify to have their first year of study cross credited.


To undertake a postgraduate course students need to have already undertaken a Bachelor Degree or equivalent. A postgraduate degree is the most advanced study in management available and allows students to specialise in an area of management they prefer. After completing a postgraduate degree, students also have the knowledge and skill-set to teach in management related disciplines.