Coupons: Your friend for saving

Coupons With Scissors XXXLCoupons are often regarded as a poor man’s friend in the well off class of people. Hold on, we don’t belong to that class and even if you do, what’s the bad thing about saving some extra money? Coupons are often some piece of paper with advertisement and discount percentage that is used by brands as well as shops and marts to promote their products. But how do these coupons help in saving money? One coupon might get you a discount of up to a maximum 10$. But what if you use a collection of coupons all together for your monthly shopping? Well, the idea might seem ridiculous to most people but in reality, it is one of the best practices being used by smart shoppers to get quality in limited amount of money.

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Get Rid Of That Debt And Credit Cards

Debt concept.Well, we all enjoy the luxury of having debt or credit cards. Even the very idea of ‘not paying’ for the things you buy attracts hundreds of people everyday. Unknowingly, almost all of the credit card owners fall into the pit of debt from which they themselves can not recover. Yes, that’s the hidden side of the credit cards that you are unaware of. To know why debt and credit cards are bad and how they keep away from frugality in every way, let’s understand how the credit card system works.

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Necessity Of Life: Food

Coupons With Scissors XXXLFood as we all are aware of is the necessity of life. You might live without your credit cards, you can certainly do without a car and new clothes every now and then but food is one thing that is paramount for the very survival and existence of life. So no, there is no way that we can leave food or skip meals. However, there is a frugal aspect to food and there are some ways to save money even on food. These are discussed below.

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Savings On The Home

House from the money. Construction conceptHome is where the heart is and yes, that is true in every aspect. Buying a home is perhaps one of the most important investments that you ever have to make. Well if this goes wrong, there is perhaps nothing that could go right after that. Thus, it is important to make sure that the investment made in housing is made in a smart way. Also, you can earn a bit of money and thus be more economical in your in housing domain. Here are a few fast track tips for saving and earning money in housing-

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Big Savings On Your Big Day

Wedding expense concept. Bride with empty purseWedding day is perhaps one of the most important days in an individual’s life. Indeed, people would want this special day to be filled with lavish and special things so that this day is remembered as one of the most beautiful memories. But wait, doesn’t that mean spending a lot of money? The dress, the cake, the food, the clothes as well as the wedding limo that you might hire- adds up to a great amount and can heavily go off limits. Well we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have a solution. So, here are some easy tips how you can still have the wedding of your dreams and manage to save money in the process.

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Saving With Your Car

Saving Gas Money.Gone are the times when having a car was one of the biggest luxuries. Nowadays, every Tom and Dick and Harry has a car and thus, it really doesn’t make a difference whether you have one or not. But you there, my fellow frugal friend – car is yet another means how your savings are going to be spent and expenses going to increase. With all those maintenance cost, fuel consumption and installations, your car itself is going to eat up at least 500$ per month or 6 grand every year. So unless you have a plan or budget that can adapt to a car too, being economical and controlling expenses is a bit out of your reach.

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Technology Can Save

Save Money ConceptTechnology is an individual’s best friend in today’s world and this fact is totally undeniable. But hey you frugal partners, technology is an equally a money drainer when it comes to living economical. All the people are mostly racing to get the latest upgrades, versions and functionalities so that they can get their hands on technology that hasn’t really been used by others much. This of course costs a hell lot of money. Is there is a solution and can you somehow go the frugal way while dealing with technology? Of course, you can.

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The Essence Of A Budget

BudgetA budget is a plan of spending that is made in advance so that one can know whether or not they have enough money to do the things they want to do. The process of making or finalizing a budget is known as budgeting. We all have come across these ‘terms’ at some point in our lives. For a frugal lifestyle, getting to know these terms and implementing them in our life are equally important. Now that you are aware of what a budget is, let’s see how you can make one and how can it help in living with frugality.

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Tips on how to Save Money on your Food Spending

Glasses with fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices on whiteEveryone spends some amount off their budget on food. Depending on your diet, the amount spent on food can be more than you budget for. The good news, however, is that you can save money on your food spending and use it on other important things. Here are several tips to help you come up with a cheaper grocery budget.

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