How to Save Money with Cheap Roofing Choices

shinglesThe roofing style you choose for your house adds value to your home. Roofing choices can also communicate the look and feel of a particular home. The roofing material that you pick adds to the style of your house. It is, therefore, an important consideration. You might be asking yourself what are your options when it comes to roofing. Here are the top 7 roofing choices in 2016.

1.    Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are very popular for their affordability and ease of installation.  It offers the user a wide range of colors to choose from too. Asphalt, however, has a shorter lifespan (Up to 25 years) when compared to other materials. You can reinforce the asphalt shingles with cellulose or fiberglass without worrying about a change in appearance.

2.    Wood Shingles and Shakes

A natural product made from redwood, cedar or the southern pine, wood shingles give your home a rustic look. Although they can last up to 30 years, wet climates can destroy this type of roofing material. Some areas have fire codes prohibiting the use of wood shingles and shakes, but there are some that are treated with a fire-resistant coat.

3.    Slate Roof

Available in shades of black, gray, green, purple and red, slate offers you a beautiful and elegant appearance at an extra cost. Slate is fire resistant, durable (Lasts anywhere between 50-100 years or even more) and sustainable as you can recycle it. You will, however, require professional help in installation. You will often see them in European, colonial or French chateau homes.

4.    Composite shingles

These are environment-friendly shingles that offer an alternative to the traditional shingle. They are light weight, durable and attractive. They are however a bit expensive and finding a certified installer can be a challenge in some areas.

5.    Clay and Concrete Tiles

tilesAlthough they are a bit expensive, clay and concrete tiles offer you durability and elegance. These tiles will add texture to your roof. They last up to 50 years. Clay and concrete tiles are heavy, and you will need a professional to install them. Concrete tiles are more versatile and less expensive as compared to genuine clay tiles. They are good for Spanish, Southwestern, Mission and Mediterranean-style houses.

6.    Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are either aluminum, stainless steel, zinc or copper and are available as shingles or panels. They are resistant to extreme weather condition which is why some people opt for them although they are relatively expensive. Metal roofs are also lightweight and durable. They offer an excellent roofing option for cabins, contemporary, bungalows and cottage-style homes.

7.    Synthetic Roof

Materials such has plastic, rubber and polymer are being used today to develop roofing products. They come in a wide range of color, style and texture. Synthetic products are light, easy to maintain and very strong. They look good in different types of houses.

When choosing the roofing material, you need to ensure that the material is available in different colors and styles which suit your home. The material should also meet fire codes of your area and offer good performance when the weather conditions are extreme for your safety. Other considerations to make are the warranty, life span and of course the cost of the material.

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