Save Money with these Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

diy improvementWe all want to give our home an improved look without breaking the bank. Continuously improving your home adds to the value of the house and most importantly, it also improves your enjoyment and fulfillment with your space. Here are some of the affordable ideas to improve different spaces in your home.

1.    Entrance

First impressions, even in a house, always count. Give your outdoor a sophisticated look by bringing some of the indoors style outside. Frame your front door and paint it. Ensure the door is in harmony with the surrounding and the style matches your personality and taste. Organize and accessorize your entryway and keep it tidy. Get elegant outdoor lights and lighting. Place a simple outdoor path through your yard.

2.    Floor

Floors are exposed to high traffic and dirt which can make them lose their shine. Polish your floor especially if it is wooden. If you have a carpet, get it professionally cleaned. You can also renew old flooring with durable floor paint. Eco-friendly layers of floor insulators like cork is also a good option. It is stylish and durable.

3.    Bathroom

Bathroom diyPut a fresh bead of caulk in your bathroom. Caulk is not only cheap but also easy to apply. Get a bathroom vent fan to prevent the growth of mold as well as eliminate steamy mirrors and fogged windows. Installing a bathroom vent fan, which takes a few hours, also leaves your bathroom odor-free.

4.    Kitchen

Boost your kitchen storage by adding a few shelves and a wine rack. Give your kitchen cabinets a new, bright finish. Get a beaded-board or a tile backsplash to protect our walls from spills and splashes. Adding a new small appliance to your house is always an excellent idea. Add a sink filter for cleaner water.

5.    Crown Molding and Trim work

Think of crown molding and Trim work as the walls, windows, and doors jewelry. Get crown molding for your ceiling and entryway. Replace old trim and molding in your house with affordable one during the weekend.

6.    Walls

Give your home a new coat of paint for a fresh look. If you have a fireplace, apply a stain-blocking primer to cover the soot stain. Choose high-gloss paint for the fireplace for lasting results. Painting your walls will give your home a clean and updated look. How about getting a wallpaper for one of the walls? There are many choices of wallpaper out there that suit your personality and style.

7.    Unutilized spaces

Take advantages of any unused space in your home to increase your storage capacity. Add shelving units for book storage or display pieces. Do not clutter your home while at it.

It is important to repair any problems in your house as soon as you notice them. Doing so will help you avoid high costs of repairs later which take resources and efforts off home improvement. Before undertaking any home improvement steps, inspect your home well and decide which areas require attention first. Get a realtor or an interior designer if you can afford it but that is not necessary.

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