How to Save Money on your Cell Phone Bill

Smartphones with various ApplicationsIn the last 2 decades, cell phones have evolved from being a convenience to a necessity – an expensive one for that matter. About 4 billion people around the world (2/3 of the entire world population) use cell phones. As we continue to integrate these gadgets in our lives, monthly mobile bills have been swelling. The good news is that with a little effort you can save on your cellphone bill.

Avoid data hogs

Many people pay for more data that they actually need. If you love watching video streams, making video calls, uploading videos or playing fast action games online then you should try to use WiFi as much as possible. A HD quality video stream will use as much as 5 to 6 MB of data per minute implying that for one 4-minute video on YouTube every day for a month you’d use 700 MB. Shooting high-octane games online also consumes a lot of data – about 1 MB for every minute of play. Avoid these data hogs by utilizing WiFi.

Analyze your bill and find a new plan

One of the worst decisions you could make is locking yourself into a mult-year contract. At a glance, that contract may seem to be the best way of landing the latest Sony Xperia, iPhone or Samsung smartphone your friends will ogle at but in the long-run, the contract will poke holes in your pocket. Using online tools, analyze your cell phone bill and check out your service provider’s lower cost alternatives. It makes no sense to pay for minutes, text message or data plans you never use.

Consider a Prepaid plan

Most cell phone users have been conditioned (for lack of a better word) to the phone contract concept that few ever consider a prepaid plan. This plan will help you avoid the surprise of excessive data usage as the credit stretches for 30 days. In so doing, you are confined to your budget. There is a catch though, you need to understand terms and conditions of the pre-paid contract before signing up.

Get control over in-app purchases

In-app purchases may whack your wallet if you don’t tinker with a few settings on your iOS or android cell phone. To nip this, simply go to the Google Play store app (on android). Go to “Settings”. Scroll down to “User Controls”, Select “Require Password for purchases” then select an option (just every 30 minutes or for all purchases) and you are good to go. For iOS, launch the “Settings” app then navigate to “General Settings” then “Restrictions”. Enable a PIN then finally scroll down to in-app purchases. This should go a long way in saving you cell phone charges.

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