Coupons: Your friend for saving

Coupons With Scissors XXXLCoupons are often regarded as a poor man’s friend in the well off class of people. Hold on, we don’t belong to that class and even if you do, what’s the bad thing about saving some extra money? Coupons are often some piece of paper with advertisement and discount percentage that is used by brands as well as shops and marts to promote their products. But how do these coupons help in saving money? One coupon might get you a discount of up to a maximum 10$. But what if you use a collection of coupons all together for your monthly shopping? Well, the idea might seem ridiculous to most people but in reality, it is one of the best practices being used by smart shoppers to get quality in limited amount of money.

Well, the importance of coupons for a successful frugal lifestyle can be understood from the following example. Try to imagine yourself doing the monthly shopping of groceries, food, stationery, toiletries, some clothes, grooming stuff, etc. You go up to the cash counter and ask for the bill. The bill turns out to be somewhere around 1500$ and you have to pay by cash or card. How about we bring a twist here and instead of taking your wallet out, you take out your ‘coupon collection of the month’ and use them to get a 70% off on all the items. This way, you end up paying just 450$ and save over a 1000 bucks. Pretty cool isn’t it? It might be sounding like climbing the Everest but that we all know is tough, not impossible. Yes, this is really possible if you follow the following few steps-

Save Money Concept– Keep an eye on your newspaper for special deals and coupons in print.

– Also sift through pages of your monthly or fortnightly magazines to collect coupons.

– You can visit some sites like which provide you the facility of getting printable coupons which can be used at outlets and shops.

– Also check a few mobile apps that provide free coupon codes for discounts for various brands.

Whether you are a casual or an extreme coupon user, you always need to be ready to make the most from the given coupons. Don’t be afraid to ask if a collection of coupons can be used on same deal and thus get the maximum benefit. The real objective behind using coupons is to cut down on monthly expenses without compromising with the quality.

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