Big Savings On Your Big Day

Wedding expense concept. Bride with empty purseWedding day is perhaps one of the most important days in an individual’s life. Indeed, people would want this special day to be filled with lavish and special things so that this day is remembered as one of the most beautiful memories. But wait, doesn’t that mean spending a lot of money? The dress, the cake, the food, the clothes as well as the wedding limo that you might hire- adds up to a great amount and can heavily go off limits. Well we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have a solution. So, here are some easy tips how you can still have the wedding of your dreams and manage to save money in the process.

1. Set the right guest list by slashing a few names that can be left out. A wedding is supposed to be a private affair and special so it is better if only close friends and families are present. This way, you can save the catering costs to a great extent.

2. Try to go for all pre-wedding shopping in an off season. Going off season can help you get discounts on everything and thus save money.

3. Talk about venues- hold the wedding and reception at the same place and you can cut down on costs.

4. While taking care of the bar, make sure that you just have beer, a dessert wine and some cocktails instead of a full fledged bar that might cost you a lot.

5. Coming to the decoration part, it is better if you have more greenery instead of various types of flowers that are going to increase the overall expenses. Remember to keep it simple and thus make it even better in both looks as well as in terms of budget.

6. It is important to limit the time of your planning. Yes, when you already have things to do in your mind, what is the point of going through and trying many options? Just stick to what you wanted in the first place and everything would just turn out to be okay.

Deal Letterpress7. You can save with the food too. It is fairly simple to save money with the food. Instead of keeping a variety in food course, keep just starters, desserts and one fixed main course. If possible, you can skip the main course to save more.

8. For car service, try not to go for a limo or limousine. You can go for a less expensive car as you need to make a future and it would be of no good use if you’re left with no money after your wedding!

9. Last but not the least; you need to save on invitations too. Don’t go for very expensive stationery and choose a simple design.

Wedding day is supposed to be special and happens to be the celebration for a new phase in life. But this celebration better not bring on new debts on you for the rest of your life. Save money and celebrate to the fullest!

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