Saving With Your Car

Saving Gas Money.Gone are the times when having a car was one of the biggest luxuries. Nowadays, every Tom and Dick and Harry has a car and thus, it really doesn’t make a difference whether you have one or not. But you there, my fellow frugal friend – car is yet another means how your savings are going to be spent and expenses going to increase. With all those maintenance cost, fuel consumption and installations, your car itself is going to eat up at least 500$ per month or 6 grand every year. So unless you have a plan or budget that can adapt to a car too, being economical and controlling expenses is a bit out of your reach.

So, there comes the need to save with cars. As car is like an investment that is made to make every day travel easier, why not treat it like one and start saving money with it from the very first day? Now that is something useful indeed right? Let’s go with our simple tips to save money while buying a car. These are as follows-

– Check price and bargain over internet. The sales agent makes commission over the car sold to you and hence, you can easily bargain with the guy to get a straight cut of at least 1-2 grand on the main cost.

– Before buying, do your research work properly in order to narrow down on a few selected models. You should already be aware of the price and the lowest offers made by other dealers made on the same model number.

– Pit the sales agents against each other. Each one of them is looking to make some money through commissions and it would be great for you if they fight for you to get you the best deal and package as per your needs.

– Never go through any ‘compulsory’ insurance or financial option for the car you buy because there is no such thing. You can insurance done from whoever you want and try to get a financial payment option for the car ready before you are buying it.

– Then, there is no such need to get a new music player system or GPS locator from the showroom. The same stuff can be bought and installed from other stores where you can save at least 30%.

– Last but not the least, go for buying a used car. There are many people who want to sell their cars that are not used for long. You can get great discounts and all the systems already installed at a good price.

But how can you save money if you already own a car and use it everyday? Is it possible to save considerable amount of money while using a current car? Of course yes. There is always an economical way leading to the frugal lifestyle and thus while using a car, you can save money in the following ways-

– Go low on fuel or gas consumption- Save Gas or fuel as saving fuel is like saving money. Try to switch off engine when it is not in use. Get regular maintenance done so that fuel efficiency is not compromised.

– Avoid fines and tickets- Try to drive safe and carefully. It is of utmost importance that you understand that parking tickets and speeding fines form just another way to drain your saved money and increase unexpected expenses.

– Do low maintenance yourself- You don’t always need to rush to the showroom or technician for every single fault. For some faults, try to do the maintenance and cleaning all by yourself so that you can save money.

Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you’re going to buy a new car or are currently using one. With these tips and techniques, you can easily save a lot of money on the go, thereby increasing your overall savings for the day.

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